A feature rich PBX with features requested by clients like you


The interface is modern, slick and responsive, build on top of jQuery and Bootstrap. Translation in your own language is simple and easy.

Unlimited features

Unlimited tenants, unlimited peers, unlimited DIDs, unlimited IVR... there are no restrictions on how big your system can be.

Flexible conditions

Several type of conditions are available to be inserted in your call flow: weektime, calendar, caller ID, extension status, variable and many others.

IVR/Auto attendant

An easy to use designer for IVR or Auto attendant with direct extension and feature code dialing.

Media files/TTS/STT

It is easy to manage media files allowing uploads, recording from extension, external number or even Text to Speech and Speech to Text using Amazon or IBM cloud services, in all available languages.


Flexible Queue system with priority, timeouts, callbacks and all the options you may need.


Easy to use mail to fax and fax to mail with fax web interface. Fax can be sent from any email account even using the client company domain or directly from the web interface uploading a simple PDF file. T.38, G.711, Fax through and Fax Store and Forward are supported

Full customization

Full customization at general and tenant level to match your client's needs.


Call or contact center managers can easily check queues, calls or agent status with a page specifically made to be displayed on big screens.

Configuration Tree

You can get a detailed graph of each configured call step. It is easy to double check configuration paths.

White label

Don't disclose any info about the product you are using. You are free to remove any reference to the MiRTA PBX brand and apply your own brand and theme. Multiple themes can be configured based on the URL used for access.


Several tools have been integrated to minimise the risk of a fraud. GeoIP database allows you to limit countries that can be connected, Fail2ban will stop brute force attacks and Call cost limit will automatically stop compromised accounts.

More features...

Ring groups
Hunt lists
GeoIP blocking
Regional outbound caller ID
CNAM with cache
Remote phone reboots
SIP and RTP encryption
Condition variable BLF
FMFM confirmation
Call forwarding
Extension BLF
Virtual Extensions
Hot Desking
Email template
Emergency call notification (Kari's law)

and features...

Custom destinations
AGI scripts
Feature codes
Fail2ban integration
Parking lots
Least Cost Routing (LCR)
Video calls
Instant recording and pause
SIP decoding and debugging
Attended transfer
Streaming MOH
Multiple recording storage backend
Voicemail transcript (Voice to Text)

and features...

Short numbers
Caller ID blacklist
Call campaigns
CRM integration
Nat control
Dial by name
Phone provisioning
PIN code dialing
Round robin provider selection
Find Me/Follow Me
BLF parking lots
Spy, barge and whisper
Call history
Routing profiles
Multitenant AMI

and features....

Phone books
Phone provisioning
MOS calculation
Caller ID modding
Multiple MOH
Billing (postpaid and prepaid)
FMFM and additional destinations
Advanced routing for calls
Blind transfer
Call waiting
Call pickup
Mobile twinning
External Agents