Frequently Asked Questions
about MiRTA PBX

Are the servers provided by you? Is the software hosted on your servers?

No, you need to provide the servers needed to run the software. The software will be hosted in your servers and you'll have full access to the OS.

Can I deploy servers in distinct datacenters?

Yes, if you are looking for high availability, it is better if servers are in distinct datacenters

How many servers do I need?

You can start with a single server hosting Asterisk, the database and the web server. Later, when your business grows, you can add a second node, still hosting Asterisk, the database and the web server. If you want more speed, you can separate each component reserving each a dedicated server. There is no limit in the number of components you can build together

Do you support load balancing?

No, only load sharing via DNS SRV is supported out of the box. If you want to achieve load balancing, you will need some external appliance or software, such as lbnamed for example or something more advanced such as the Linux Virtual Server project.

How many phones can server XYZ support?

It depends on a number of factors, with the most important factor being the features used. On an average pbx office usage, you need a processor core every 300/400 phones.

Can I use MiRTA PBX on a single server?

Sure, you can start with a single server and add more servers as your business grows.

Can I use a VPS to host servers?

Best results are obtained with physical servers, but virtualization has been proven enough good even for latency sensitive applications like VoIP. So yes, you can host all servers on VPS. Several clients are using VPS for their servers with good results

Where is the voicemail stored?

It is stored in the database, along with all other information.

Can I provision phone accounts from my billing software?

Yes, it is simply a matter of writing a few rows in a table.

Can I provision the phones using MiRTA PBX?

Yes, clients are using MiRTA PBX to provision Panasonic, Cisco, Grandstream, Snom, Aastra, Siemens and Yealink phones. More will be added based on client requests.

If I have a problem on running the Linux server were MiRTA PBX is installed... will be it included in the support?

Standard support includes only MiRTA PBX software and usage of asterisk connected to MiRTA PBX configuration, so if you have any other OS problem and you want support, then you need to subscribe to the "Nagios monitoring and OS support" service.

What is included in the "Nagios monitoring and OS support" service?

When you subscribe to the Nagios monitoring and OS support you are sure your Operation System will be always in good shape for running MiRTA PBX and asterisk. Some of the problems often solved by this support extension are: disk full problems, MySQL table corruption or replication problems due to power loss, Asterisk and Linux security upgrades, high memory usage ...

How do you pronounce MiRTA PBX?

I pronounce it "meertha pbx".